What Causes Mould on Walls


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What Causes Mould on Walls16th May 2017

The growth of black mould on walls is most often caused by either building defects which allow a build-up of damp or by condensation. Mould growth can appear on walls or ceilings in kitchens, bathrooms or even living rooms and bedrooms if condensation is present for any prolonged period and can lead to serious health problems as well as rotting timber if not treated.

Everyday living and doing our daily chores like cooking, washing and bathing release moisture into the air, and the air can only hold a certain amount of water vapour. Just as clouds that can no longer absorb water release it making rain, the air in buildings when cooled by a cold surface such as a wall or window will turn the water vapour into condensation. This is why the mirrors mists up in the bathroom when you take a shower!

Generally older properties with solid brick, stone or concrete walls are more vulnerable to condensation and mould problems because the walls tend to be colder than modern properties with good cavity wall insulation. This has been made worse because years ago most houses had natural ventilation with draughty windows and open fireplaces but nowadays ventilation has been all but eliminated with double glazing and central heating. Unfortunately, this creates the perfect condition for condensation and mould to develop.

DJ Hutchings Ltd are Mould Remediation Specialists and can help you with any condensation issues you may have with a variety of effective solutions.

• Positive Input Ventilation Units - We have dedicated units for houses or flats that are positive input ventilation systems that gently force air, from either the loft in a house or from outside when installed in a flat, into and around living space. This is a proven system for controlling condensation problems and associated black spot mould growth, whilst also improving air quality throughout the property.

• Passifyer Vent - This provides an opening on a section of wall and airflow is controlled automatically to avoid draughts.

• Humidity Tracking Extract Fan - Designed to improve air quality and reduce humidity levels in kitchens and bathrooms and resolve condensation and mould growth problems. • Dentolite Sterilising Solution Concentrate - Contains a powerful fungicide that eradicates black mould growth, etc. on internal surfaces prior to decoration and may also be used to control mould growth where painting is not possible or desired.

• Fungi Check Emulsion - Contains a powerful fungicide suitable for wall and ceiling surfaces where mould growth is problematic.

• Mould Remediation Control Pack - Contains Dentolite Sterilising Solution Concentrate for removing black mould/ sterilising surfaces, and 2 pots of Mould Eradication Additive for stirring into emulsion paint to prevent its return.

If you need more advice on how DJ Hutchings can help with your condensation problems simply call us today on 01327 353677 or use the Contact Us enquiry form.


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