Leak Detection

Trace & Access — non intrusive leak detection

A key feature and perhaps the most dominant cause of insurance claims or property damage is the consequence of a leaking or burst pipe. Often concealed and therefore a hidden menace, damage can escalate rapidly if the leak is not correctly identified nor its effect fully established.

Claims that could have been stemmed for a few hundred pounds often worsen to the extent of £000’s because of inadequate leak detection and the traditional methods involve intrusive cutting and excavating, often in hope of being in the right location. Such activity often ruins the cosmetic fabric of the property and puts rooms out of action but whilst at a cost, modern technology has brought a welcome and much needed relief to the problem in the form of Thermography.

DJ Hutchings Ltd are pleased to announce its investment in thermographic cameras so that, as a norm, our technicians and plumbers can explore the property using heat mapping (water and dampness is either colder or hotter than the fabric it occupies). Isolating the presence of dampness to specific areas and determining the correct position and number of leaks means that repairs can be focused and collateral damageminimised. Benefits include:

  • Quickens thought processes and enables a swift repair of pipework
  • Satisfies property owner and insurer visually
  • Removes potential for not spotting secondary leaks
  • Ensures full spread/extent of resultant damp penetration is noted
  • Reduces potential for over or under reaction
  • Identifies pre-existing damp problems that are unconnected
  • Provides auditable evidence in the event of dispute.
  • Low cost alternative to traditional methods.

Our operators are qualified and remain fully trained in the science of Thermography and are available 24 hours a day working closely with our in house drying facility. Small or large, domestic or commercial, any property with a suspected leak or damp problem will benefit from this service.


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